Examples of past experiments

Performed in ESA’s LDCPerformed in other centrifuges
The crabs (in centre of picture) were wired for neural activity while observed by video (blue on top) during rotation.Access the image

Gravitational Physiology of Crabs

The aim of the experiment was to study the reactions of the crabs’ nervous systems in hypergravity. The crustaceans were implanted with Teflon-coated silver wire electrodes and neuron activity was recorded while they were exposed to hypergravity. The measurements were carried out at 1, 2, 3 and 5 g. [Dr. Peter Frazer, University of Aberdeen, Gravitational Physiology of Crabs]

Fluid Sciences experiment set-up in LDC.Access the image

Fluid Sciences

In this experiment, the aim was to look into single bubble formation, bubble behaviour and bubble bursts in water and oil at ambient temperature under hypergravity conditions in order to compare this to 1g. [Anna Eiden, University of Cambridge, UK]

Drosophila flies in tubes oriented in different directions with respect to the gravity vector inside the LDCAccess the image

Drosophila behaviour and gene expression in altered gravity conditions

In this work, the researchers studied how the motile behaviour of the adult Drosophila flies changes in hypergravity. They evaluated the hypergravity response of male and female flies separately and determined different behaviour patterns at 2g, 6g, 12g and 20g respectively. [R. Herranz, D. A. Laván, C. Dijkstra, O. Larkin, M. R. Davey, J. J. W. A. van Loon, F. J. Medina, R. Marco, P. Schiller, Drosophila behaviour & gene expression in altered gravity conditions: comparison between space and ground facilities]

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