N° 14-2017

Call for media: Thomas Pesquet’s return to Earth after 6 month...

17 May 2017

Media are invited to ESA’s European Astronaut Centre on Friday, 2 June, to witness the return to Earth of Thomas Pesquet. The events include a live viewing of the capsule’s landing, a photo opportunity with Thomas Pesquet on arrival of the ESA aircraft in Cologne and a press conference three days after return.

N° 13-2017

Call for a sustainable future in space

21 April 2017

With more than 750 000 pieces of dangerous debris now orbiting Earth, the urgent need for coordinated international action to ensure the long-term sustainability of spaceflight is a major finding from Europe’s largest-ever conference on space debris.

N° 12-2017

Call for Media: European conference on space debris risks and...

23 March 2017

The 7th European Conference on Space Debris, to be held 18–21 April at ESA’s Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany, will provide a unique forum for leading scientists, engineers, managers, space operators, industry, academia and policy-makers from all major spacefaring nations. 

N° 11-2017

Call for Media: Results from ESA’s ice and magnetic field sate...

17 March 2017

Scientists are convening in Banff, Canada, to discuss the latest results coming from the three-satellite Swarm mission on the magnetic field, as well as new information on changing ice masses from the CryoSat satellite.