N° 12-2017

Call for Media: European conference on space debris risks and...

23 March 2017

The 7th European Conference on Space Debris, to be held 18–21 April at ESA’s Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, Germany, will provide a unique forum for leading scientists, engineers, managers, space operators, industry, academia and policy-makers from all major spacefaring nations. 

N° 11-2017

Call for Media: Results from ESA’s ice and magnetic field sate...

17 March 2017

Scientists are convening in Banff, Canada, to discuss the latest results coming from the three-satellite Swarm mission on the magnetic field, as well as new information on changing ice masses from the CryoSat satellite.

N° 10-2017

New Chairship of the ESA Council

16 March 2017

Jean-Yves Le Gall of France has been elected chair of the ESA Council.

N° 9-2017

International space docking standard updated

10 March 2017

The International Space Station Multilateral Coordination Board has approved a major update to the station docking system standard. First released in 2010, the docking standard established a common standard to enable spacecraft of multiple types to dock to space stations and with each another in space.