N° 47–1994

Hubble finds one of smallest stars in the Universe

16 December 1994

This picture taken by the European Space Agency's faint object camera on-board the Hubble Space Telescope(*) resolves, for the first time, one of the smallest stars in our Milky Way galaxy. Called G1623b the diminutive star (right of center) is ten times less massive than the Sun, and 60,000 times fainter. (If it were as far away as the Sun it would only be eight times brighter than the Full Moon).

N° 45–1994

Jean-Francois Clervoy: Return to Europe

09 December 1994

Just over a month after the completion of the Atlas-3 mission which took place from 3 to 14 November aboard the space shuttle Atlantis (see Press Release No. 41-94), ESA astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy will be back in Europe.

N° 43–1994

Completion of separation tests on Ariane-5 fairing

22 November 1994

The last in-vacuo separation test on the Ariane-5 fairing took place on 17 November 1994 in the vacuum chamber at NASA's Plum-Brook station (a specialised facility able to scope with the size of the test specimen).

N° 42–1994

ARIANE-5 Successful test of the cryogenic main stage(*) propulsion system

18 November 1994

The propulsion system for the Ariane-5 launcher's cryogenic main stage operated successfully for 280 seconds (the nominal time authorised for a battleship tank configuration) in a test carried out on Thursday, 17 November 1994 in the launch zone at the Guiana Space centre (CSG) in Kourou, French Guiana (see ESA Press Release no. 36-94).

N° 41–1994

ESA astronaut returns from space

14 November 1994

European Space Agency astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy and five NASA astronauts returned to Earth today aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis after a highly successful 11-day atmospheric research mission.

N° 40–1994

ESA astronaut Ulf Merbold back to Germany

11 November 1994

Some two weeks after his landing in the steppes of Kazakhstan aboard the Soyuz TM-19 capsule (see ESA press Release no. 39-94) which concluded the very successful 31 day long EUROMIR 94 mission, ESA astronaut Ulf Merbold is now ready to get back to Germany after having undergone the usual post flight tests within a long period of extensive scientific investigation.

N° 39–1994

Successful landing of ESA astronaut Ulf Merbold

04 November 1994

The longest mission in European space history, EUROMIR 94, came to an end today with the successful landing of ESA astronaut Ulf Merbold aboard the Soyuz TM-19 spacecraft. The capsule touched down in Kazakhstan at 12h18 CET. Also onboard were Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and Kazakh Talgat Musabyev.

N° 38–1994

Two ESA astronauts in space today

03 November 1994

The European Space Agency has two astronauts working in space today after the successful launch of the US space shuttle Atlantis carrying European astronaut Jean-François Clervoy from France. He joins Ulf Merbold from Germany, who has been aboard the Russian Mir space station for nearly a month.

N° 36–1994

Firming up dates for the Ariane-5 qualification flights

20 October 1994

The stage reached in Ariane-5 development means that the qualification flight dates can now be firmed up. The European Space Agency (ESA) and the French space agency (CNES), in liaison with the relevant firms, have accordingly carried out a detailed review of the Ariane-5 time schedule leading up to the 501 and 502 flights.

N° 35–1994

Ariane 5 - Successful first long duration test of the storable propellant stage

14 October 1994

The Ariane 5 storable propellant stage (EPS)(*), developed by DASA (Germany), successfully passed a first long duration firing test (1075 s) on the 5th October at the Lampoldshausen test stand.

N° 34–1994

European astronaut and atmosphere studies on Space Shuttle mission

14 October 1994

During the first two weeks of November, ESA will be again on the scene of international manned space flight, playing an important role in the ATLAS 3 mission aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS -66) and taking another step towards global cooperation in space.

N° 33–1994

European scientists' proposals for HORIZON 2000+

10 October 1994

Following a meeting of representatives of the European scientific community and the European Space Agency, held in Rome from 29 September to 1 October, a programme to follow on from "Horizon 2000", maintaining continuity, has been defined with a view to incorporation into the ESA long- term plan to be submitted to the Agency's Council meeting at ministerial level in autumn next year.

N° 32–1994

Classroom in Space

10 October 1994

N° 31–1994

Signing of ESA/RKA Cooperation Agreement

05 October 1994

N° 30–1994

Fourth test on ARIANE 5 solid booster goes well

30 September 1994

The fourth test on a P230 solid booster for the European Ariane 5 launcher took place on Friday 30 September 1994 at 13h05, Paris time, on its test stand at the Guyana Space Centre, the European spaceport at Kourou in French Guiana.

N° 29–1994

Spotlight on Cluster

29 September 1994

At the end of 1995, CLUSTER, an ambitious European Space Agency science project using four identical spacecraft to study the Earth's magnetosphere, will be launched from Europe's spaceport in Kourou by the first Ariane 5 launcher.

N° 28–1994

EUROMIR 94 heralds new era of cooperation in space

28 September 1994

A new era of international cooperation in space begins next week when an ESA astronaut blasts off on EUROMIR 94, a month-long mission to the Russian Mir space station.

N° 27–1994

ESA signs ARD contract with AEROSPATIALE

19 September 1994

Europe chooses the "simple, fast and economical" option. Europe has two years to develop and prepare for launch by Ariane-5 a space vehicle demonstrator that can be considered as the first step towards a future crew transport vehicle.
The demonstration vehicle, called the ARD or Atmospheric Re-entry Demonstrator, is the tangible result of the reorientation of ESA's manned space programme towards affordable concepts paving the way for Europe's contribution to the International Space Station programme.

N° 26–1994

Ulysses discovers the mysteries of the sun's south pole

16 September 1994

The pass over the Sun's south pole currently being carried out by ESA's probe Ulysses(*) has so far been a total success and has already yielded a first clutch of surprise results concerning this unexplored region.

N° 25–1994

Ulysses(*) reaches the South Pole of the Sun

30 August 1994

After almost four years, an exploratory voyage crossing regions of the cosmos never before visited by spacecraft is approaching its climax. On 13 September 1994, ESA's Ulysses spaceprobe will reach a point less than 10 degrees from the Sun's south pole.

N° 24–1994

The HUBES experiment : a ground-based simulation of a 135-day manned spaceflight

22 August 1994

In the framework of the co-operation between the European Space Agency and Russia, a 135-day flight by a European astronaut on board the Russian orbital Mir complex is scheduled for 1995. This mission, EUROMIR 95, will follow EUROMIR 94, a shorter (30-day) mission scheduled to start on 3 October 1994.

N° 23–1994

Europe putting space to work, at the 1994 Farnborough Air Show

18 August 1994

At the 1994 Farnborough Air Show, from 5 to 11 September, the European Space Agency - together with the British National Space Centre (BNSC) and the United Kingdom Industrial Space Committee (UKISC) - will be featuring a space pavilion showing what Europe and Britain do in space.

N° 22–1994

ERS-2 day at ESA/ESTEC on 2 September 1994

18 August 1994

Scheduled for launch as from December this year, the second European Remote Sensing satellite, ERS-2, is undergoing final tests at ESA/ESTEC (the European Space research and Technology Centre) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. In mid- September the spacecraft will be shipped to Kourou, French Guiana, from where it will be launched on board an Ariane 4 launcher.

N° 21–1994

PRODAT-System: ESA Mobile Satellite Communications Technology Addresses Chernobyl Problems

13 July 1994

Space telecommunications technology developed by ESA is helping the Ukrainian authorities to decrease risks of radioactive contamination. In a pilot project, trucks transporting nuclear waste are now being equipped with mobile terminals to transmit, via satellite, data on radiation levels as well as their locations to an Emergency Control Centre.

N° 20–1994

ESA/Greece Cooperation Agreement

04 July 1994

A Cooperation Agreement between the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Government of Greece was signed today in Athens by the Greek Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology, Mr. G. Simitis and Mr. J.-M. Luton, ESA's Director General and in the presence of Mr. J. Charalambous, Minister of Transport and Communications.

N° 19–1994

EUROMIR 94 Press Conference at ESA/EAC Last appearance of ESA astronauts in western Europe

26 June 1994

The first ESA manned spaceflight with Russia is scheduled for 3 October this year. This 30 day-long mission, dubbed EUROMIR 94 , will see the participation of ESA's astronaut Ulf Merbold, from Germany. Pedro Duque, from Spain, is also training for the same mission and has been assigned to the stand-by crew.

N° 18–1994

Third test on Ariane 5 solid booster goes well

21 June 1994

The third test on a P230 solid booster for the European Ariane 5 launcher took place on Monday 20 June 1994 at 19:05 hrs, Paris time, on its test stand at the Guyana Space Centre, the European spaceport at Kourou in French Guiana.

N° 16–1994

Ulf Merbold selected as ESA Astronaut for EUROMIR 94

30 May 1994

ESA's Director General, Mr. Jean-Marie Luton has announced today, Monday 30 May 1994, during a press conference at the ILA'94 Berlin Airshow the selection of Ulf Merbold as member of the Crew scheduled to fly for the EUROMIR 94 mission in October this year.

N° 15–1994

Tests on the Ariane-5 programme's Vulcain engine

24 May 1994

An incident occurred on 11 April 1994 during a test on revalidated Vulcain engine M6-R1, carried out on SEP's PF50 teststand at Vernon (France) - see ESA-CNES Joint Press Release No 11-94.

N° 14–1994

ESA press conference at the Berlin Airshow ILA'94: announcement of the ESA astronaut to fly on EUROMIR 94

20 May 1994

The European Space Agency will participate with a large space pavilion at Berlin Air Show ILA '94, open from 28 May to 6 June 1994 at the Berlin- Shoenenfeld airport.

N° 13–1994

ESA proposes Moon initiative

11 May 1994

N° 12–1994

ESA-IAC agreement on Optical Ground Station signed

29 April 1994

On 29 April 1994, the Director of the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias (IAC), Prof. Francisco Sanchez and the Director General of ESA, Mr. Jean-Marie Luton, signed an agreement on the installation of an Optical Ground Station at the Teide. The main purpose of this ground station is to receive laser- optical signals from ESA's ARTEMIS satellite, to be launched in 1997.

N° 11–1994

Incident during Ariane-5 Vulcain engine test

13 April 1994

On 11 April 1994 at 1534 hours, an incident occurred during Vulcain engine development testing. Fifteen seconds into the second test on the M6-R1 revalidated prototype on the PF50 stand at SEP (Vernon), a fire broke out at the site of the liquid oxygen turbopump.

N° 10–1994

112th meeting of the ESA Council: Restructuring of "manned spaceflight" and "launcher" programmes

23 March 1994

At its 112th meeting, held in Paris on 22 and 23 March 1994, the ESA Council approved a new internal structure for the manned spaceflight and launcher programmes, as proposed by the Director General.

N° 9–1994

Finland becomes ESA's 14th Member State

22 March 1994

On Tuesday, 22 March 1994, Mr Matti Vuoria, Secretary General at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, acting on behalf of the Finnish Government, and Mr Jean-Marie Luton, ESA Director General, signed the Agreement for Finland's accession to the ESA Convention, thereby bringing the number of Member States to 14(*).

N° 8–1994

Russia - a new partner in the international space station

18 March 1994

On Friday, 18 March 1994, at a meeting held in Paris, the signatories of the multilateral Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) on cooperation in the design, development, operation and utilisation of the future international space station welcomed Russia as a new partner and began the negotiations that will establish its role.

N° 7–1994

Meteosat 6 experiences anomaly

04 April 1994

N° 4–1994

ESA/Poland cooperation agreement

28 January 1994

A cooperation agreement between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Republic of Poland was signed today at ESA Headquarters in Paris by His Excellency J. Lukaszewski, Polish Ambassador to Paris, and Mr. J-M. Luton, ESA Director General.

N° 3–1994

Hubble Space Telescope can see clearly now

13 January 1994

N° 2–1994

ESA astronaut assigned to ATLAS 3 Shuttle mission

11 January 1994

ESA astronaut Jean-Francois Clervoy has been selected by NASA to fly as mission specialist on board Space Shuttle Atlantis for flight STS-66 this autumn. The mission, named ATLAS 3 (Atmospheric Laboratory for Applications and Science), continues a series of flights to study the Sun's energy and its effects on the Earth's climate and environment.

N° 1–1994

Esa ready for 1994

11 January 1994