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N° 37–2011

ESA astronaut André Kuipers on his way to the International Space Station

21 December 2011

After their launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan at 13:16 GMT (14:16 CET) today, ESA astronaut André Kuipers and crewmates Oleg Kononenko and Don Pettit are circling Earth every 90 minutes aboard the Soyuz TMA-3M spacecraft as they make their way to the International Space Station.

N° 36–2011

ESA Director General to meet the press in Paris

15 December 2011

On Monday 9 January, ESA Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain will meet the press at the traditional start-of-year gathering at ESA’s headquarters in Paris.

N° 35–2011

Call for Media: Follow the launch of ESA astronaut André Kuipers

13 December 2011

ESA astronaut André Kuipers is scheduled for launch to the International Space Station on 21 December. Media are invited to cover the event via ESA TV or ESA's web site or attend one of the ESA events in the Netherlands and Germany.

N° 34–2011

European ministers emphasise the role of space for the security of Europe and its citizens

06 December 2011

Meeting in Brussels today, the 29 ministers of the ESA-EU Space Council underlined the importance of space systems for security. They drew attention to the role of satellite systems - particularly Galileo, EGNOS and GMES - as the backbone for improving Europe's response to emergencies.

N° 33–2011

Call for Media: ESA Mars500 crew in France, Italy and Spain

28 November 2011

After their 17-month simulated voyage to the Red Planet, ESA’s two Mars500 crewmembers, Romain Charles and Diego Urbina, are returning from Russia. The two will talk about their experience with media in Paris, Rome and near Madrid in early December.

N° 32–2011

Call for Media: Space Lab ignites student passion for space

25 November 2011

ESA astronauts will join Google and YouTube managers at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne on 30 November to brief media on the 'Space Lab' International Space Station science competition for students.

N° 31–2011

International consensus on joint space exploration

10 November 2011

Representatives from 28 countries, the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA) met in Lucca, Italy, on 10 November for the Third International Conference on Exploration and the first High-level International Space Exploration Platform.

N° 30–2011

Vega getting ready for exploitation

28 October 2011

The Vega launch vehicle programme has recently taken several major steps towards operation:

•the decision has been made to start the qualification launch campaign

•ESA and Arianespace have ordered four new launchers

•studies for the launch of the LISA Pathfinder mission have started

N° 29–2011

One Soyuz launcher, two Galileo satellites, three successes for Europe

21 October 2011

The first pair of satellites for Europe's Galileo global navigation satellite system has been lofted into orbit by the first Russian Soyuz vehicle ever launched from Europe's Spaceport in French Guiana in a milestone mission.

N° 28–2011

Soyuz ready with Galileo satellites for milestone launch

13 October 2011

International space cooperation will be highlighted in a historic event on 20 October: the launch of Europe’s first Galileo navigation satellites on Russia’s first Soyuz rocket to depart from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana.

N° 27–2011

Call for media: Mars500, welcome back to Earth

10 October 2011

Since June last year, the six crewmembers of a simulated mission to Mars have been isolated in a special facility near Moscow. They will ‘arrive back on Earth’ on 4 November and go into quarantine for four days for medical checks. Media are invited to meet the crew at a press conference on 8 November in Moscow.

N° 26–2011

Call for Media: 20 years of ERS missions

06 October 2011

ERS-2 was retired from service in September. To mark the 20 years of the ERS Earth observation mission at ESA, media are invited to ESA headquarters in Paris on 12 October. The event will highlight the key scientific and technological achievements of the mission.

N° 25–2011

Dark and bright: ESA chooses next two science missions

04 October 2011

The powerful influence of the Sun and the nature of the mysterious 'dark energy' motivate ESA’s next two science missions. Solar Orbiter and Euclid were selected today by ESA's Science Programme Committee for implementation, with launches planned for 2017 and 2019.

N° 24–2011

EDRS: an independent data-relay system for Europe becoming reality

04 October 2011

A public–private partnership contract signed with Astrium means that ESA is moving ahead with an independent, European satellite system that will speed up the transmission of large quantities of data beginning in 2014.

N° 23–2011

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst to fly to Space Station in 2014

18 September 2011

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst has been assigned to fly to the International Space Station on a 6-month mission in 2014, serving as a flight engineer for Expeditions 40 and 41.

N° 22–2011

Call for Media: ESA presents André Kuipers mission to Space Station

31 August 2011

ESA astronaut André Kuipers will talk about his upcoming mission to the International Space Station during two media events: 5 September in Cologne, Germany, and 8 September in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

N° 21–2011

First 3D video transmission live from space

18 August 2011

A live 3D transmission was made for the first time from the International Space Station (ISS) on 6 August. As well as from providing an unprecedented live visual experience of the ISS for viewers on Earth, the ESA-developed 3D camera also opens up the use of 3D imagery for possible future support of ISS operations.

N° 20–2011

Alphabus ready to offer new opportunities

22 June 2011

Alphabus, the world’s largest communication satellite platform, is ready to offer new opportunities for satellite operators worldwide. The platform was formally accepted for its first satellite, Alphasat I-XL on 16 June, marking an important milestone in its journey to space.

N° 19–2011

Signing of EDA–ESA Administrative Arrangement

20 June 2011

ESA Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain met EDA Chief Executive Claude-France Arnould at the Paris Air & Space Show today to sign an Administrative Arrangement on cooperation between ESA and the European Defence Agency.

N° 18–2011

ESA at the Paris Air Show relevant to the media

10 June 2011

(Update: 22 June)
The world’s leading air and space event, the Paris Air Show, will open its doors for a week on 20 June. The salon will include a strong ESA presence, highlighting its activities for the benefit of space experts and the general public.

N° 17–2011

Call for Media: Giotto and Rosetta - 25 years of comet science

08 June 2011

Twenty-five years ago, ESA's Giotto spacecraft made its mark in deep space. Passing Halley's comet at a distance of only 600 km, Giotto was the first mission to perform a close comet flyby.

N° 16–2011

Galileo: Europe prepares for October launch

23 May 2011

The European Space Agency, Arianespace and the European Commission announced today that the launch of the first two satellites of Europe's global navigation satellite system is planned to take place on 20 October.

N° 15–2011

Papal call to the Space Station

20 May 2011

His Holiness the Pope will talk with the astronauts aboard the International Space Station from the Vatican Library on Saturday, 21 May. The inflight call will take place at 13:11 CEST (11:11 GMT).

N° 14–2011

Last Shuttle with ESA astronaut lifts off to Space Station to hunt 'dark matter'

16 May 2011

Space Shuttle Endeavour lifted off today on her last mission to the International Space Station. Following launch of the STS-134 mission at 12:56 GMT (14:56 CEST), Endeavour is heading towards a docking with the Station at 10:15 GMT (12:15 CEST) on Wednesday, 18 May.

N° 13–2011

Last Shuttle ride to ISS for ESA astronaut with ‘dark matter’ hunter

19 April 2011

ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori and the five other astronauts of the STS-134 mission will be launched to the International Space Station on Space Shuttle Endeavour on 29 April to deliver a pioneering scientific experiment.

N° 12–2011

European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani to visit ESA/ESRIN

30 March 2011

Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship, is to visit ESA’s ESRIN Establishment in Frascati near Rome on Monday 4 April.

N° 11–2011

ESA Council appoints Directors

22 March 2011

The Council of the European Space Agency has appointed a team of Directors who will assist the Director General in the reorganised structure that takes effect on 1 April 2011.

N° 10–2011

Call for Media: Press conference on EGNOS and Galileo

02 March 2011

Jean-Jacques Dordain, Director General of the European Space Agency, is to meet Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission, responsible for Industry and Entrepreneurship, in Paris on Friday 4 March. They will cover various subjects relating to European industry, firms and competitiveness, such as EGNOS and Galileo.

N° 9–2011

Europe’s ATV supply ship docks safely with Space Station

24 February 2011

Eight days after launch, ESA’s latest Automated Transfer Vehicle, Johannes Kepler, completed a flawless rendezvous and docking with the International Space Station at 17:08 CET (16:08 GMT) to deliver essential supplies.

N° 8–2011

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano assigned to 2013 Space Station mission

18 February 2011

ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano has been assigned to fly on the International Space Station from May to November 2013, serving as a flight engineer for Expeditions 36 and 37.

N° 7–2011

Europe’s ATV Johannes Kepler supply ship on its way to Space Station

16 February 2011

ESA’s second Automated Transfer Vehicle, Johannes Kepler, has been launched into its targeted low orbit by an Ariane 5. The unmanned supply ship is planned to deliver critical supplies and reboost the International Space Station during its almost four-month mission.

N° 6–2011

Europe’s ATV space ferry ready for launch

03 February 2011

ESA’s latest Automated Transfer Vehicle is ready for launch to the International Space Station on Tuesday, 15 February at 22:08 GMT from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. The unmanned spaceship will deliver essential supplies and reboost the Station during its mission lasting three and half months.

N° 5–2011

Call for Media: witness Mars500 crew emerge onto alien surface

27 January 2011

After more than eight months ‘flying’ to the Red Planet, the isolated Mars500 crew will finally take their first steps onto a mock-Mars surface on 14 February – and members of the news media can apply now for ringside seats.

N° 4–2011

Romania accedes to ESA Convention

20 January 2011

Romania took a step further in its relations with ESA by signing the Accession Agreement to the ESA Convention on 20 January 2011, to become the 19th ESA Member State.

N° 3–2011

Planck’s new view of the cosmic theatre

11 January 2011

The first scientific results from ESA’s Planck mission were released at a press briefing today in Paris. The findings focus on the coldest objects in the Universe, from within our Galaxy to the distant reaches of space.

N° 2–2011

Overview of ESA activities in 2011 relevant to media

05 January 2011

Expected key events of the year (follow the ESA web site to get the final dates):

Update: 12 January

N° 1–2011

Call for Media: briefing on first results from ESA’s Planck mission

04 January 2011

Media representatives are invited to a briefing on the occasion of the release of the first data and scientific results from ESA’s Planck mission.