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Numbers Names
713 Method for Measuring and Viewing a Wave Surface using Spectrophotometry 
668 Method for the unambiguous tracking of Binary Offset Carrier (BOC) signals 
658 Interferometric Radio Occultation
657 Microwave branching switch 
649 Multiport distribution network 
645 Differential wired communication link quality detector and differential wired communication link detection method
642 Advanced Fluidic Filter
641 Joint transmitter signal processing in multi-beam satellite systems 
636 Dual-band multiple beam reflector antenna for broadband satellites
626 Very Compact Waveguide Mode Extractor 
624 Hybrid Folded Rectangular Waveguide Filter 
623 Innovative method and apparatus for transmitting data packets over a communication link that is shared by multiple users
622 Receiving method and receiver for satellite-based automatic identification systems
621 Innovative deployable antenna frame 
619 Optimised Antenna Elements Position and Dimensions
613 Hand Controller Device 
611 A compact, high precision rotation sensor and a method for its fabrication 
610 Reconfigurable RF front end circuit for a multi-beam array fed reflector antenna system
598 Uplink power control method and apparatus for satellite communications networks
597 Beam-forming network for an array antenna and array antenna comprising the same
596 Mechanical support ring structure 
590 Multibeam satellite communication system and method, and satellite payload for carrying out such a method
589 Automatically balanced load and increased capacity in communication systems and data networks 
588 A single chip synthesizer for generating a digital signal of tunable frequency with nearly no spurs 
585 Regulator for an (ac) electrical power supply source
582 Method for Additive Manufacture of Metal Alloys 
578 Deployable tensegrity structure
576 Method, device and system for compressing time series data
572 Method and apparatus for monitoring an operational state of a system on the basis of telemetry data
569 Array antenna with controlled radiation pattern envelope manufacture method
568 Low weight, compactly deployable support structure
567 Aperiodic and non-planar array of electromagnetic scatterers, and reflectarray antenna comprising the same
565 Radio frequency amplifier with fast envelope tracking
564 Multibeam Active Discrete Lens Antenna
562 Flexible Channel Decoder
561 Device to guide light from a curved focal plane to a flat focal plane array
560 Method and telemetric device for resampling time series data
559 Electrical Power Conditioning Unit and System
558 ESA: compact orthomode transducer device
557 Method to determine the integrity of positioning information in a Global Positioning System
555 Method and apparatus for analysing time series data
554 Method for assembling two or more mirror plate stacks into a rigid unit
552 Sequential Switching Shunt Regulator Cell with Non-Redundant Rectifier
551 Automatic identification system receiver and satellite payload comprising the same
550 Solar array regulator based on step-up and down conversion and solar power system comprising the same
547 Reconfigurable beam forming network architecture
545 Improved altimetry apparatus based on steerable antennas
544 Navigation satellite tracking method and receiving station
543 Satellite altimetry method and system with Doppler effect compensation
542 Method, apparatuses and system for asynchronous spread-spectrum communication
541 A method for compensating signal distortion in an emitting payload
539 Active pixel sensor apparatus for use in a star tracker device
526 Interferometric Radiometer for imaging radiation emission, especially from a geostationary orbit
525 Method of processing positioning signals, in particular for indoor applications
522 Method and apparatus for testing materials
511 Determination of 2D ocean surface currents using interferometric radar onboard a satellite
510 Device and method for reducing nonsteady side loads acting on a rocket nozzle
509 Packet data transmission over a shared transmission channel
506 Method and device for scheduling and sending data packets
501 Electronic Multi-Functional Watch for Navigational Aid
499 Novel X-ray imaging optics for improved medical diagnosis, material testing and lithography
498 Pulse-Coded Remote Calibration of an Active Phased Array System
493 Novel imaging device to be used with millimetre and/or sub-millimetre radiation
481 Multi-Beam Satellite Communications Payload with Flexible Power Allocation
474 Exoskeleton for the human arm, in particular for space applications
467 Multipath discriminator module
465 Protection device for a voltage source and a load supplied by the voltage source
446 Ocean altimetry method and device with improved vertical accuracy
410 Simplified Dynamic Light Scattering System to Resolve Sizes of Particles And Visco-Elastic Properties Of Gases And Fluids

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