Electrical laboratories

Avionics Laboratory

The word avionics is a contraction of 'aviation electronics', referring to the data handling sub-system, guidance navigation and control devices and associated software flown aboard a satellite.

Antenna Test Facilities and Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Laboratories

The Antenna Test Facilities focus on assessing the performance of antennas, an essential element of space systems.

Radio Frequency Payload Systems Laboratories

Satellites of all kinds have one central characteristic in common. To fulfil their various purposes, they all have to reach out beyond themselves either to receive commands, transmit scientific findings, relay telecommunications, perform remote sensing or, increasingly, deliver precision navigation and timing data.

Power Laboratories

Satellite systems rely on electricity to keep operational, but their power subsystems require careful design and management. The level of power produced by solar arrays – the dominant electricity source for almost all missions – varies greatly over time depending on satellite and planetary motion and short- and long-term space environment effects.

External laboratories

ESA maintains a Europe-wide network of specialized laboratories supplementing the technical services and competence provided by the ESTEC laboratories and the ESTEC Test Centre.

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