Innovation Triangle Initiative (ITI)

The TRP Innovation Triangle Initiative supports the identification, validation and development of disruptive innovations (based on new ideas or concepts) which show the potential to cleverly address space problems. ITI encourages innovations coming  from the non-space industrial or research sectors. The objective is to combine the creativity, know-how and experience of the Research Community, Space Customers and Industry. The initiative makes use of two types of contracts:

   A. Proof of concept (for INVENTORS): fast validation of new ideas and demonstration of its advantages (≤ 50 k€), funded by TRP

   B. Demonstration of Feasibility and Use (for DEVELOPERS): component and/or breadboard development up to validation in the laboratory or in a relevant environment (≤ 175 k€), funded by TRP

System Modelling of a Stabilized High Altitude Platform (courtesy of Omnidea, LDA)Access the image

One of the roles of ESA is to support the introduction of breakthrough technology innovation in the space environment. This is the aim of the ESA Innovation Triangle Initiative (ITI), whose specific goal is to explore technologies or processes that have the potential for significant innovation in the space sector.

ITI is based on the concept that a close collaboration between three different types of entities (the inventor, the developer and the customer) is an important factor for the rapid and successful introduction of technology innovations in industry. Industrial participation in ITI requires low investment in preparing, submitting and managing R&D proposals and activities. Furthermore, the initiative accepts unsolicited proposals which are wide in scope and not constrained to any specific technical domain. There is an annual call for ideas and funding decisions are taken within a short time frame.

Example of technology developed within ITI: Tunable pre-matching Transistors (courtesy of FBH(DE), TU Darmstadt (DE))Access the image

Since its inception in 2004, the ITI has proven to be a good opportunity for entities with little experience in working with ESA and thus it is used as a mechanism to support and attract Technology Spin-In.

More information on the Innovation Triangle Initiative can be found on the ITI website.