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24 March 2017

ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office is proud to announce the kick-off of the Space Solutions Alliance, a specialist network for space and non-space corporates, research institutes and public institutions to work with and strengthen high tech start-ups hosted at ESA´s Business Incubation Centres (BICs).

Through the network, start-ups will be able to benefit from a wide range of technical and promotional support from the alliance partners, both nationally and Europe wide.

At CeBIT Trade Show in Hanover head of ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO), Frank Salzgeber welcomed the first corporate partner, T-Systems, to the Space Solutions Alliance.

T-Systems will provide free cloud computing vouchers on its Open Telekom Cloud public cloud services for all interested ESA BIC start-ups throughout their incubation phase, a very economic and efficient way to securely store and process large amounts of data many of our start-ups use.

T-Systems joins Space Solutions AllianceAccess the image

More partners are soon to join, each offering ESA BIC start-ups a wide range of technical and promotional support, including cloud storage and handling opportunities through data processing assistance or free usage of Earth observation images. Support will be available to qualifying start-ups including technical assistance to implement such services into their specific applications. 

Not only active in the space industry, alliance partners operate in many other sectors. Therefore, the cooperation can also help the start-ups with access to specific target markets as well as help to increase their promotional opportunities towards potential customers.

“We are excited to expand and cooperate with even more companies and entities who vitally see the value in working with innovative, agile and highly promising start-ups,” said Frank Salzgeber.

Space Solutions Alliance presentationAccess the image

“We have started the Space Solution Alliance to offer a wide range of opportunities and services to our start-ups, in addition to the incubation support they already receive at their hosting BICs.

"The centres will identify and coordinate with the alliance partners to provide the best additional support, specifically tailored to each start-up, in order to strengthen their business development and advance their growth.”

“Our objective is to foster more new enterprises to create jobs in Europe, boost economies of the regions hosting our incubators and help to improve the life of our citizens, based on the re-use of advanced and existing technologies developed for our European space programmes and data provided by our satellites.” 

ESA TTPO manages the world’s largest space related entrepreneurship and technology transfer network. By the end of 2017, there will be 19 ESA Business Incubation Centres at 35 locations supporting 140 start-ups yearly. In addition, a network of 16 technology brokers across Europe support ESA in bringing space technology down to Earth. More than 400 new companies have been fostered with thousand of new jobs. The Space Solution Alliance currently in the its set-up phase and will further strengthen this activity.

For more information please contact:

ESA Technology Transfer Programme Office
European Space Agency – ESTEC
PO Box 299
2200 AG Noordwijk
The Netherlands

phone: +31 (0)71 565 6208
fax: +31 (0)71 565 6635

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