ExoMars launch updates

14 March 2016

Updates from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan for the launch of ExoMars 2016 today.

Livestreaming of the launch will begin here on 14 March at 08:30 GMT (09:30 CET), with regular text updates provided on this page.

Launch is scheduled for 09:31 GMT (10:31 CET) on 14 March with first acquisition of signal expected at 21:29 GMT (22:29 CET)

Follow @ESA_ExoMars, @esaoperations and @esascience on twitter for additional #ExoMars coverage. Once mission controllers have established contact with the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) following acquisition of signal, the @ESA_TGO Twitter account will become active.

14 March:

Press release: ExoMars en route to solve Red Planet's mysteries

22:32 CET: Solar array deployment started (completed 22:38 CET)

22:29 CET: Acquisition of signal confirmed. We have a mission to Mars!

21:15 CET: Separation of TGO from upper stage confirmed

21:06 CET: Fourth and final burn of Breeze-M upper stage completed

14:40 CET: Third burn of Breeze-M upper stage completed. One more to go! 

12:27 CET: Flight Director confirms second burn of Breeze-M upper stage completed. Two more burns are needed to boost TGO on its way to Mars.

10:48 CET: Flight Director confirms first burn of Breeze-M upper stage completed. Three more burns are needed to boost TGO on its way to Mars. Updates to follow through the afternoon.

10:43 CET: Proton 1st, 2nd and 3rd stage separations confirmed, fairing jettisoned; Breeze–M upper stage will now take over to provide additional boosts


10:26 CET: All teams at ESOC confirm GO for launch!

10:11 CET: The team at Baikonur are now disconnecting the power umbilical connection to the TGO. Spacecraft is now on internal power, drawing electricity from its batteries until ~12 hrs after launch

09:38 CET: Flight Director at ESOC conducts GO/NOGO roll call with the Mission Control Team. All positions report GO for launch!

09:21 CET: In Baikonur, the service gantry tower has started to roll back away from the rocket. This will take about 25 mins

09:10 CET: Deputy Operations Manager Silvia Sangiorgi (at ESOC) just confirmed the TGO remains healthy

07:30 CET: Fuelling of Proton launcher, which began on schedule at 04:31 CET, completed

04:50 CET: State Commission gives green light for launch. Weather prediction OK: cloudy, possibility some rain.

Updates from previous days below

13 March: L-12 hours: TGO-switch on and telemetry link established; L-10:48: TGO battery charging completed.

12 March: ESA mission control completes dress rehearsal for launch. Full story

11 March: Roll out completed, launcher in vertical position on the pad Images and video (see also our ExoMars Flickr stream).

10 March: Filling of Breeze upper stage completed as planned

9 March: Integrated launch vehicle at the fuelling station in Baikonur for fuelling of Breeze upper stage

5 March: Spacecraft composite is mated with the Proton launch vehicle. Full report and images

2 March: Breeze upper stage and ExoMars composite are encapsulated within the two fairing halves of the Proton launcher. Full report and images

29 February: ExoMars spacecraft composite is mated with the launch vehicle adapter and installed on top of the Breeze upper stage. Full report and images.

21/22 February: ExoMars 2016 Trace Gas Orbiter is fuelled. Full report and images

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