Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP)

ESA’s Integrated Applications programme is dedicated to the development, implementation and pilot operation of integrated applications. These are applications of space systems that combine different types of satellites, such as telecommunications, Earth observation and navigation.

Integrated Applications projects offer solutions to problems that range from improving and securing transport systems to developing emergency and disaster management systems.
The programme will not push any particular technology, but will respond to users' needs, addressing a number of themes. The initial themes addressed in the programme are:

  • Space for Health
  • Space for Safety
  • Space for Development
  • Space for Energy
  • Space for Transport

In consultation with and in response to the needs of users and stakeholders, further thematic areas will be explored and included in the course of the programme implementation. Additionally, cross-thematic areas such as the influence of climate on energy or health will also be addressed.
ESA will establish a discussion and bring together stakeholders and users within the space industry and service provider organisations, assisting in development of the necessary technical solutions and feeding back the experience into the development of future space systems.
The Integrated Applications Promotion programme is organised around two main elements:

  • Basic activities, which aim at generating, assessing and studying ideas for projects
  • Demonstration activities which aim at demonstrating the ideas generated in the basic activities element

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