ScyLight is dedicated to optical communication technologies within ARTES. Started in January 2017, ScyLight (Secure and Laser communication technology, pronounced ‘skylight’) is supporting the research, development and evolution of optical communication technologies and will provide flight opportunities for their in-orbit verification.

Optical communication technologies are the next revolution in satcoms, bringing unprecedented transmission rates, data security and resilience to meet commercial needs in the next decade.

Today, only the European Data Relay System (EDRS) is capitalising on the cutting-edge technology of optical communications. EDRS is the world’s first optical satcom network in geostationary orbit and can relay unprecedented amounts of data per day in near-real time via laser.

To stimulate innnovation, ESA will prepare a technology plan on optical communication technologies that will involve industry, operators, service providers, satellite manufactures, research institutes and other experts in the field.

The ESA roadmap, as well as proposals and activities from industry, will result in products that exploit new market opportunities. 

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