ESA Preview 2018

Tue, Jan 16, 2018 | 07:30 - 07:45 GMT | 08:30 - 08:45 CET
Tue, Jan 16, 2018 | 16:00 - 16:15 GMT | 17:00 - 17:15 CET (REPLAY)

ESA TV Exchange – 16:9

After a fruitful 2017 with many exciting launches and the end of some historic missions, ESA is ready for a new year to come.

2018 will see the anniversary of the International Space Station’s Columbus module and an ESA astronaut taking the helm of the ISS as commander.

In 2018 more Earth Observation satellites will be launched and ESA will send an important mission to look at Mercury.

2018 will also see the completion of the first part of the Copernicus constellation to monitor our planet and also the completion of the Galileo constellation , Europe’s own satellite navigation system.

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Satellite Parameters
Eutelsat 9A at 9 degrees E, transponder 59, downlink frequency 11900.1 horizontally polarised, symbol rate 27,500 FEC 2/3.