The Rosette molecular cloud, seen by Herschel

The Rosette molecular cloud, seen by Herschel


13/04/2010 11:49 am


ESA/PACS & SPIRE Consortium/HOBYS Key Programme Consortia


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Infrared image of the Rosette molecular cloud. Herschel collects the infrared light given out by dust and this image is a three-colour composite made of wavelengths at 70 microns (blue), 160 microns (green) and 250 microns (red). It was made with observations from Herschel’s Photoconductor Array Camera and Spectrometer (PACS) and the Spectral and Photometric Imaging Receiver (SPIRE). The bright smudges are dusty cocoons containing massive protostars. The small spots near the centre of the image are lower mass protostars.

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