Vega's mobile gantry

Vega's mobile gantry


16/11/2010 2:44 pm


ESA - S. Corvaja, 2010


The Vega launcher preparation will take place on the launch pad inside the mobile gantry that houses all the required support equipment to assemble and check the launcher. The gantry provides a protected environment and proper working conditions for launch team personnel. It is 50 m high and weighs more than 1000 t.

The horizontal movement system of the mobile gantry is powered by two electric motors of some 70 kW capacity, for 100% redundancy. These operate the hydraulic pumps supplying pressurised oil to the six motorised wheels (two on the north side and four on south side). The system has to be able to move a total mass of 1300 tonnes with a maximum wind speed during operation of 23 m/s (just over 80 km/h).

When the launcher is fully-integrated and tested, the gantry will be rolled back to its parked position, clear of the launch pad.

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