Tim Peake tests spacesuit

Tim Peake tests spacesuit


15/01/2016 7:43 pm




ESA astronaut Tim Peake during the final fit check of his spacesuit ahead of the International Space Station spacewalk scheduled for 15 January.
He will venture outside of the International Space Station together with NASA astronaut Timothy Kopra to replace a failed voltage regulator to return power to one of eight power channels. The spacewalk is expected to last 6.5 hours.
Tim's six-month mission is named Principia, after Isaac Newton’s ground-breaking Naturalis Principia Mathematica, which describes the principal laws of motion and gravity. He is performing more than 30 scientific experiments for ESA and taking part in numerous others from ESA’s international partners.
ESA and the UK Space Agency have partnered to develop many exciting educational activities around the Principia mission, aimed at sparking the interest of young children in science and space.
Read more about the spacewalk in Tim Peake's blog: blogs.esa.int/tim-peake/
Connect with Tim on social media: timpeake.esa.int

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