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Artemis, the Advanced Data-Relay and Technology Mission Satellite, is the latest and most sophisticated telecommunications satellite to be developed by ESA. Equipped with sophisticated radio systems, Artemis will also use laser systems to transmit data directly between satellites. It is expected that a Japanese H2A rocket will push Artemis into orbit by February of the year 2000.
This video is organised as follows:
ARTEMIS STORY, including: animation sequences of the craft in Earth orbit; construction and testing (shaking) of satellite at ESTEC; NASDA (National Space Development Agency of Japan) pictures of Japanese rocket launch; graphics of launch sequence; Fucino ground station; general transport pictures (lorries, train, ferry etc.), laptop computer in lorry; graphics to illustrate satellite communications 'footprints' over globe; Envisat graphics to illustrate signal loss with ""direct line of site' transmission to ground station; graphics to show how laser link between Envisat and Artemis will allow

01:53:42:00 pan across laser housing, Silex terminal
01:53:47:00 electrical testing bay
01:53:50:00 pan down sides of Silex terminal
01:53:53:00 cu waveform monitor
01:53:57:00 wa Artemis structural model
01:54:05:00 hands working
01:54:09:00 frequency display sign on wall
01:54:10:00 ms Artemis structural model at start of vibration test
01:54:15:00 wa model during vibration test
01:54:22:00 still picture Tanegashima Space Complex (NASDA)
01:54:26:00 still picture H2 rocket at launch (NASDA)
01:54:35:00 still picture side of H2 rocket at launch (NASDA)
01:54:41:00 still picture H2 clears the launch tower (NASDA)
01:54:45:00 graphics H2A launch
01:55:29:00 a/g pan Fucino Ground Station complex
01:55:36:00 zi satellite dish
01:55:39:00 la Eurostar train passes
01:55:43:00 bus in traffic
01:55:45:00 cars at rush hour
01:55:47:00 laptop computer in car
01:55:53:00 a/g Eurostar
01:55:54:00 passenger ferry at sea
01:55:57:00 cab of lorry gets message via computer
01:56:02:00 graphi

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