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A general video covering ESA's achievements in the Space Science sector. The video includes the following:

00:20 Giotto approaches Halley's comet

00:51 Still of the Earth against star background [Science Photo Library]

01:03 Animation Mars rotation

01:07 Animation Cassini/Huygens arrives at Saturn

01:17 Animation Cassini releases Huygens probe towards Titan

01:25 Animation Huygens parachutes through Titan'a atmosphere

01:31 Animation Huygens lands on Titan's ocean

01:46 Stills Halley's comet

01:50 ISO image of comet Wirtanen

01:57 Rosetta in space

02:04 Rosetta's Lander at Comet Wirtanen

02:10 Animation: The Solar System, pull out from Sun

02:22 Still Venus

02:30 Image of Mars [Science Photo Library]

02:35 Animation Mars Express in space

02:41 Mars Express Lander animation

02:47 Lander camera surveys area

02:49 Rover leaves Lander

02:54 Wide shot rover and Lander

02:58 Still Mercury [Science Photo Library]

03:11 Animation starfield

03:18 First Hubble servicing mission

03:21 Hubble in shuttle cargo bay

03:24 Hubble in space just after deployment

03:30 Hubble starfield pictures

03:35 Hubble image of birth of stars

03:41 Still picture of IUE against star background

03:51 Animation Hipparcos in orbit

04:01 Animated flight through Pleiades star system

04:14 Impression of ancient star map

04:16 Hipparcos animated inside impression of universe

04:24 Animation starfield

04:26 Animation ISO in space

04:33 Animation ISO close-up of helium vent

04:43 Animation ISO against infrared background

04:50 ISO image of water source

04:53 ISO image of comet Hale Bopp

04:56 ISO image of Jupiter

04:58 ISO in space

05:04 Animation XMM in space

05:13 'Nest of mirrors' manufacture

05:18 Telescope housing covers

05:27 Inspection of mirrors by engineer

05:32 Visible light image of starfield, mix to infrared view

05:41 Still Integral space craft against star background

05:47 Animation gamma ray burst

05:51 Still FIRST spacecraft against starfield

06:04 Animation primordial infrared background

06:07 Still picture PLANCK spacecraft against starfield

06:23 Impression of GAIA using Hipparcos animation

06:35 Still pictures of LISA spacecraft

06:37 Animation of Laser beam between each spacecraft

06:45 Big Bang and ripples in space

06:53 SOHO 'Christmas Movie' from instrument LASCO. Sun against Capricorn constellation.

07:07 SOHO spacecraft moves from Earth to Sun

07:15 SOHO at Sun; zoom into Sun

07:27 SOHO in clean room

07:35 EIT image of Sun

07:39 Close up of activity at limb of Sun

07:42 View of Sun from Earth using time lapse camera

07:51 SOHO in orbit around Sun showing relationship with Earth's orbit

08:06 Ulysses in space animation

08:15 Ulysses at Sun

08:21 Ulysses moves over South Pole

08:37 Ulysses in space

08:50 SOHO EIT picture of the Sun

08:59 Cluster animation fly-through

09:08 Cluster spacecraft in clean room

09:11 Animation of atmosphere surrounding Earth in space

09:15 Animation of 3D-view of atmosphere with active ions

09:19 Aurora Borealis

09:26 Cluster flies through Earth's magnetic field

09:36 Sun as seen from Earth

09:50 Offices of Solar early warning centre at Paris Observatory, Meudon

09:53 SOHO data on the World Wide Web

09:58 Close-up of SOHO image of sunspot

10:01 View of Sun from Earth

10:06 Solar mass ejection, as seen by SOHO's EIT instrument

10:10 Office equipment

10:13 Electricity pylons

10:17 Astronauts in space working on first Hubble servicing mission

10:22 SOHO at Sun

10:32 Animation of Solar System pull-out from Sun

10:57 Starfield camera moves up to find Polaris

11:05 The end

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