Fly Your Thesis! 2017 - BrainFly

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ESA - European Space Agency


BrainFly is one of six student teams from all over Europe who recently performed - after more than a year of development – their Fly Your Thesis! 2017 experiments in the 'Zero-G' aircraft.

The main research areas of the BrainFly team focused on further investigating the effect of microgravity and hypergravity (1.8g) on the basic functions of the brain and to explore the ability to self-regulate sensorimotoric rhythms in order to operate a brain-computer interface (BCIs) during microgravity and hypergravity. The six test subject had to play the famous ‘’Space Invaders’’ game, with a small difference: the cannon was not operated through a joystick but through the subjects’ brain!

Fly Your Thesis! is a recurring programme that ESA Education sponsors on a yearly basis. During the FYT! programme, students receive valuable feedback from ESA, Novespace, and European Low Gravity Research Association (ELGRA) experts; last but least, they get the extraordinary opportunity to execute their experiments in microgravity conditions on-board a state-of-the-art vehicle like the Novespace Zero-G aircraft, alongside professional researchers.

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