Flyeye: the bug-eyed telescope monitoring our skies

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ESA - European Space Agency


As part of the global effort to hunt risky asteroids and comets, ESA is developing an automated telescope to conduct nightly sky surveys, known as a the ‘Flyeye’ telescope due to its multiple optics and extra-wide field of view. This telescope is the first in a future network that will completely scan the sky and automatically identify possible new near-Earth objects (NEOs) for follow up by human researchers.

Having the ability to predict if and when a dangerous object could strike Earth means measures can be put into place to minimise damage or, in future, to divert them before impact. The first Flyeye telescope will be installed in Italy beginning in 2019.

Learn more about the exciting Flyeye telescope in the video, originally created as part of ESA’s joint, live webcast with ESO for Asteroid Day 2018.

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