Space Bites: Becoming a Planetary Explorer | Matthias Maurer

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ESA - European Space Agency


ESA is training astronauts to become explorers. They will explore the lunar surface, collect samples, perform experiments and create an outpost in order to live and work on the Moon. But what will be different to the way the Apollo astronauts explored and worked on the Moon?

Matthias Maurer, ESA astronaut, will guide you throughout the challenging training he went through during the new episode of Space Bites.
Space Bites hosts the best talks on space exploration from the most inspiring and knowledgeable speakers from the field. Held at the technical heart of the European Space Agency in the Netherlands, the lectures are now also available on YouTube. If you want to know about the present and future challenges of ESA, stay tuned for more.

To know more about the exploration of the Moon visit

A special thanks to the Telerobotics and Haptics Laboratory at ESA for taking care of manoeuvring the Interact Centaur rover that interacted with Matthias Maurer on the stage.

More information on the activities of the laboratory can be found here

More information about how the rover is used to perform operation requiring sub-millimetre precision while operated from the International Space Station can be found here

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