Space Bites: How to Survive on an Extraterrestrial Planet | Lucie Poulet

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ESA - European Space Agency


Plans for human space exploration in the next decades are to leave Earth orbit and go to destinations such as the Moon and Mars. But what are the challenges associated with human survival in space and what kind of research is needed to address these challenges?

Life-support systems expert Lucie Poulet participated in four Mars analogue missions as a crew member and has over eight years of experience working on regenerative life-support systems with various groups such as the Micro-Ecological Life-Support System Alternative (MELiSSA) project and the German Aerospace Center, DLR, in Bremen, Germany.

Space Bites hosts the best talks on space exploration from the most inspiring and knowledgeable speakers from the field. Held at the technical heart of the European Space Agency in The Netherlands, the lectures illustrate challenges of space.

To know more about the exploration of the Moon visit

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