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The De-orbiting of the Mir space station in mid-March will put an end to one of the most important projects in the history of space flight. This video index contains 3-D graphics of Mir including its de-orbit and also historical footage of the space station. The video includes an A-Roll (5 minutes) with split audio (English voiceover and clean, international sound), and an extended B-roll.

10:00:00:00 Edited footage with English commentary on the de-orbit of Mir.
B-Roll (No Slates)
10:10:01:00 Mir de-orbit 3-D graphics.
10:12:03:00 GVs operations control room of CNES in Toulouse.
10:19:12:00 GVs operations control room of ESA, ESOC Darmstadt.
10:20:21:20 International Space Station in orbit, images from STS-98 and 3-D graphics.
10:22:51:06 Historic footage of Mir in orbit - French ESA astronauts to Mir.
10:32:13:00 Training of German ESA astronauts for Mir at Star City.
10:33:50:00 Shuttle-Mir mission of NASA and RKA, GVs of docking of Solyut with Mir.
10:42:44:20 GVs experiments and their operations on Mir.
10:44:09:00 Last mission of a non-Russian to Mir, ESA astronaut Jean-Pierre Haigner?.
10:46:50:00 GVs of accident that damaged the Mir solar panels, 25 June 1997.
10:48:19:00 Historic footage from Skylab and Salyut 7.
10:49:28:00 Various Earth views from Mir.

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