Mission Andromede

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Mission summary of the Andromede mission which saw ESA's first female astronaut, Claudie Haignere, to visit the ISS. This video provides footage of the whole mission launch to landing with a mixture of music and international sound.

00:10 introduction: Building and cities

00:26 Astronauts in training capsule. Training with control team.

01:59 Press conference pre-launch and walking onboard Soyuz launcher

02:21 Launch of Andromede from Baikonur on board a Russian Soyuz vehicle on Sunday 21 October at 10:58 CEST (08:58 GMT) for a ten-day space mission.

02:38 Images from Soyuz capsule in space on its way to the International Space Station (ISS).

02:50 ISS seen from Soyuz capsule. Attaching to ISS. Open hatch and entering in ISS. Control centre.

03:36 Group photo of the 3 astronauts arriving with the 3 astronauts on board ISS. Soyuz Expedition 3 already on board ISS consist of Frank Culbertson, station commander, Vladimir Dezhurov, Soyuz commander, and flight engineer Mikhail Tyurin. Alongside Claudie Haigneré, flight engineer, on the Soyuz Mission 4, were two Russian cosmonauts Victor Afanassiev, commander, and Konstantin Kozeev, flight engineer.

03:47 Claudie Haigneré speaks with ground

04:03 Images from and off ISS

05:39 Group photo of the six astronauts / cosmonauts on ISS. Claudie Haigneré presents the team.

06:22 Landing with parachute

06:36 Claudie Haigneré just after the landing and the landing module. The three astronauts on ground with people.

07:12 The three astronauts arriving with airplane and welcomed by the crowd.

07:32 The end.

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