ECSL Summer Course on Space Law and Policy

One of ECSL’s most successful activities is the ECSL Summer Course on Space Law and Policy, which is open to students of all levels of study, as well as a few young professionals already working in the space or space-related sectors. The course is now in its 28th year and boasts a large family of alumni around the world.

The 2019 Summer Course on Space Law and Policy:

The course is organised each summer by the ECSL with the support of a host university or other institution. The 2019 Summer Course will be organised together with the University of Messina from  the 2nd of September to the 12th of September.

This year is special as the ECSL Summer Course is returning to its roots, in Messina, Italy where the first ECSL Summer Course ever was organised in 1992. 

During the two-week course, participants attend intensive lectures and seminars given by leading university professors and space industry practitioners concerning the international and domestic legal and policy frameworks governing space activities and applications. The main objective of the Summer Course is to stimulate participants’ interest in this particular field of law and policy and to provide them with a basic, solid knowledge upon which to build or enhance their professional career or carry out further academic research

During the course participants have the opportunity to meet highly qualified experts, to learn from their experience and to visit the premises of companies operating in the space industry or intergovernmental bodies, as well as other entities active in the space sector (research centres etc...).

The theme of this year’s course will mainly focus on the use of outer space in managing and monitoring disasters, aiming to both refer to the peculiarity of the beautiful territory in which the Summer Course will take place and to highlight the particular relevance of space technologies and resources in disaster mitigation.

Indeed Sicily still hosts an active volcano also known as Mount Etna. Participants will have the opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of volcano activity monitoring during a visit to Etna. 

The course will also feature a project, where all participants must take part. Each group will present their project on the final day to a panel of judges, who will award one group as the winner.

More information about the program will be made available in the coming months.

Important information:

For students who are citizens of or studying in an Member State or Associated State of the European Space Agency (ESA) there is no course fee, and the accommodation will be organised and paid for by the ECSL.

For students who are not citizens of or study in any ESA Member State, the course fee is 1200 Euros, this includes accommodation that will be organised by the ECSL. Students from ESA Member States and Associated States are given priority, but every year we accept a few students from non-ESA states.

For Young Professionals the course fee is 1200 Euros, this includes accommodation that will be organised by the ECSL. This is primarily a Course for students, but each year we do also accept a few Young professionals. 

Professionals are also invited to check out the ECSL Executive Course on Space Law and Regulations:

Both students and Young professionals are expected to organise and pay for their own transport to Messina, and have a travel insurance for the duration of the course. The insurance should cover travel/third party liability. Participants are also expected to cover some local transportation costs in Messina as well as living costs, although some transportation and meals may also be covered by the ECSL or local partners.

Participants are expected to arrive in Messina on the 1st of September, and stay until the 13th of September. We will only accept participants who can stay the whole time, and participants are expected to take part in evening and weekend activities.

For more information check out the information in the right hand tool bar.

Application information:
Students for ESA Member States should apply to the National Point of Contact in the country where they study or where they are citizens.

You may only apply to one NPoC. A list of NPoCs can be found here:

Students who are neither citizens of nor studying in an ESA Member State should apply directly to the ECSL Secretariat, and send their application to

Young Professionals should also apply directly to the ECSL Secretariat, and send their application to

The deadline for all applications is the 26st of June, by 24.00 (CET)

Please fill out the Application Form below and submit the Application form and a CV to your NPoC or ECSL Secretariat in line with the instructions above.

Application for Tutors:

The ECSL will also recruit four Tutors for the Summer Course. As a tutor you get a chance to interact and engage with other young space enthusiast, as well as some of the most prominent people in the field. You will get organisational and tutoring experience, a chance to learn from all the lectures while potentially experiencing a new country.

Tutors are usually selected from previous years' Summer Course students, as they are familiar with the structure of an ECSL Summer Course and have experience of preparing and presenting a group project.

Tutors receive a place on the course and accommodation free of charge but they are still required to pay for their transport and insurance.

The main task of the tutors is to tutor the teams for the project and assist the Executive Secretary with the day-to day running of the course.

More information and application instructions is available below:

If you are interested in applying as a tutor to the 2019 Summer Course, send your CV and Motivational Letter to the Executive Secretary on by 24:00 (CET) on Thursday 26st of June 2019. All applications should be in line with the instructions of the Tutor Information 2019 document.

The organisational team responsible for the 2017 ECSL Summer Course. Consisting of the the local team from Sapienza University, ECSL Executive Secretary and four ECSL Tutors. Access the image

Previous years have taken place in:

1992 - Messina, Italy

1993 - Toulouse, France

1994 - Granada, Spain

1995 - Aberdeen, UK

1996 - Leiden, Netherlands

1997 - Rovaniemi, Finland

1998 - Brest, France

1999 - Geneva, Switzerland

2000 - Cologne, Germany

2001 - Nice, France

2002 - La Rochelle, France

2003 - Leuven, Belgium

2004- Graz, Austria

2005 - Terni, Italy

2006 - Noordwijk, Netherlands

2007 - Noordwijk, Netherlands

2008 - Genoa, Italy

2009 - Lisbon, Portugal 

2010 - Jaén, Spain  

2011 - Rijeka , Croatia

2012 - Pafos, Cyprus

2013 - Vienna, Austria

2014 - Geneva, Switzerland

2015 - Caen, France

2016 - Warsaw, Poland

2017 - Rome, Italy (Information right hand side bar)

Roundtable Discussion on Man & Machine in Space during the 2015 ECSL Summer CourseAccess the image

If you are interested in finding out more about the course, please contact the ECSL Executive Secretary Nicholas Puschman at

Summer Course 2016Access the image

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