Tian as seen from Cassini's 22 August 2005 fly-by

Tian as seen from Cassini's 22 August 2005 fly-by


31/08/2005 11:52 am


NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute


This NASA/ESA/ASI image of Titan reveals mid-latitudes on the moon's Saturn-facing side. The bright 215-kilometre wide feature provisionally named 'Bazaruto Facula' is clearly visible right of centre, with its dark, unnamed crater (80 kilometres wide) at its centre.

This view was taken with the wide-angle camera at a distance of approximately 159 000 kilometres from Titan using a spectral filter centred on infrared wavelengths at 939 nanometres. The image scale is 9 kilometres per pixel. Previous observations indicate that, due to Titan's thick, hazy atmosphere, the sizes of surface features that can be resolved are a few times larger than the actual pixel scale.

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